Honda CH250 Elite Shop Service Manual

Honda CH250 Elite Shop Service Manual

This is the Shop/Service manual for the Honda CH250 Elite Water Cooled Scooter.

The CH250 Engine hails from THE Honda Old Days. Honda Motor Company used this engine in the 1986 Honda Elite Scooters. The Chinese grabbed this engine design and made it a very popular clone engine and use thie bullet-proof clone engine today in many Chinese Scooters, ATVs and Go Karts. Very strong and durable engine that will withstand turbo-charging and YES a turbo charger kit is available for this engine.

Here is a link to the official SHOP MANUAL HONDA CH250 ELITE ENGINE.

Download CH250 Elite Service Manual PDF

You will be surprised at how close the Chinese have cloned this particular engine.

CAUTION--The CH250 Service Manual PDF FILE is very large at 27M and should only be downloaded using a high-speed internet connection